BHI Energy Celebrates 40 Years of Solutions 1979-2019

March 2, 2019 marked a special anniversary: BHI Energy’s 40th year of business.

Since our beginnings in 1979, when Bartlett Nuclear was founded to provide radiation protection services to the US Nuclear fleet, our goal has been to serve as a trusted partner to our customers, helping them manage their assets in a way that is safer, smarter and more effective. When we look back over the company’s 40 years of accomplishments, our organization can be proud of the people who came before, and the role BHI Energy has played in helping to ensure safe and reliable power delivery.

As I look back with appreciation and respect for what’s been accomplished, I warmly regard the BHI Team we have assembled. I want to say Thank You to each and every member of the BHI organization for bringing your personal talents, your enthusiasm, your creativity, your strong work ethic and persistence in making our business successful. We would not be where we are today without all of our staff. Our future success will require that we continue to build on the success we have experienced, the relationships we’ve built, and the resources we’ve amassed. We’ve defined ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers, focused on creating win-win solutions in ways that do the job better, faster, safer, and more productively – ways that bring value to our customers’ bottom line. We’ve shown our resilience time and time again over the years, and more importantly we have demonstrated our ability to be innovative when our markets signal change.

As CEO, my job is to ensure the stability and viability of the company long term, always looking for opportunities to better position BHI for future success. We are fortunate to be experiencing a crossroads in the history of the power industry, one in which the utility market is changing at an unprecedented level. These changes will be further advanced by the continued deployment of diversified energy sources, such as renewables, development of battery storage, and full scale modernization of our electrical grid system. As we look forward to the future, BHI has the opportunity to leverage these exciting times and embrace the pending changes. Our plan is simple: we will continue to focus on diversification of the company by continuing our expansion into new end markets such as oil and gas and transmission & distribution. We will also continue building out an industry-first, utility service model that provides integrated services from the point of generation through the entire electrical delivery system to the residential meter. Execution of this aggressive growth plan over the next several years will ensure that BHI takes advantage of our rapidly changing environment while continuing to expand our market share of construction, repair and maintenance in the power generation sector.

Our accomplishments as an organization have been impressive over the last 40 years, and it is our future path that is now most important. I embrace the opportunity to celebrate this milestone year with our staff, customers and valued partners, and look forward to our future. I hope that this year you will see BHI’s commitment to you, to innovation, and to growth and success.

Robert J. Decensi | Chief Executive Officer BHI Energy