BHI Partnering on 3 Renewable Fuel Conversion Welding Projects

BHI Energy is proud to have been chosen to partner on three of the largest Renewable Fuel Conversion projects in North America.  Two of these weld overlay projects exceed 10,000 and 12,000 square feet respectively, some of the largest overlay projects ever performed.  Scope is typically focused on converting existing high pressure and high temperature Hydrogen and Hydrocracking processing units to address specific corrosion issues associated with the new feedstock. With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and renewable energy sources, crude oil refiners are moving forward on large-scale renewable fuels projects to put fixed assets to work, obtain available incentives, and work toward the goal of reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Contact us to see how BHI is assisting in this transformation by leveraging its superior project management and technological capabilities for these and other large, complex, critical projects in the refining industry.


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