(EB) 17-01

(EB) 17-01

Update on NEI Efficiency Bulletin (EB) 17-01

NEI EB 17-01 is currently scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2018. The intent of this EB is to eliminate site-specific qualifications of supplemental radiation protection technicians, and provide an industry standard training and qualification accepted by all Utilities. BHI Energy has been working closely with the industry over the past year to prepare for this Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative.  Here is some information to help you better understand the intent of EB 17-01:

  • US nuclear plants are adopting standardized radiological protection procedures called Nuclear Industry Standard Processes (NISP). The thirteen NISP documents governing the work of supplemental technicians are located on the BHI website.  You will be required to use these procedures during assignments at nuclear utilities as these NISP documents form the basis for the new industry standard qualifications. You will need to review these NISP documents prior to your first assignment in 2018 as part of formal training (GAP) to be established later
  • Common Industry Radiation Protection (CIRP) Tasks are used to qualify technicians to perform the tasks in the new NISP documents. These CIRP Task qualifications will replace the NEI RPT Skills qualifications that have been used for over 10 years.  PADS and site computer programs are being updated to show the new CIRP Task qualifications for each technician.
  • Current NEI Skills RPT qualifications will carry over to the new CIRP Task qualifications after each technician completes an industry required GAP training session. GAP training is designed to cover the additional knowledge needed to comply with the new NISP documents.  GAP training is currently planned to be available in December 2017 through NANTeL, and must be completed prior to your first assignment in 2018.
  • After the initial GAP training is completed, and the new CIRP Task qualifications are assigned, each qualified technician will have to complete an industry prepared annual Continuing Training Program beginning in 2019 to maintain their CIRP Task qualification.
  • There will be a fundamentals exam for junior technicians and a separate fundamentals exam for senior technicians beginning in 2018. Senior technicians who have completed the current NUF fundamentals exam within the previous 5 years as of 1/1/18, and that is recorded in PADS, will not have to take either exam.  Junior technicians who have completed the current NUF fundamentals exam will not have to take the fundamentals exam for junior technicians.
  • The requirement to take the fundamentals exam every 5 years is being deleted. Annual continuing training beginning in 2019 will include some refresher training on fundamentals.

BHI is still working with the industry to finalize certain details regarding implementation of the EB 17-01. To view the Efficiency Bulletin click here. We plan on preparing a set of FAQ’s to post here on our website. Please find the new NISP documents provided here for your review.

Click here for the RP Fundamentals for Junior Task Qualifications course material.

Click here for the RP Fundamentals for Senior Task Qualifications course material.

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