NEW! Radiation Protection Technician Course

Want to Start a Career as an RP Tech?

BHI is accepting applications for our free training courses to bring new people into the industry to begin their career as a Radiation Protection (RP) Technician. Nuclear Power technicians are highly sought to work in nuclear power plants all across the U.S.  A career in the nuclear industry offers a highly desirable job, excellent pay, nationwide opportunities and upward mobility.

Radiation Protection Technicians monitor levels of radiation to protect personnel in nuclear power facilities and the surrounding environment. They use radiation survey instruments to measure levels in and around facilities and they oversee work to ensure appropriate protective measures are in place.  Controlling radioactively contaminated materials, collecting air samples, operating survey instruments, taking corrective action and responding to unexpected conditions are all tasks an RP Tech performs.  This job is similar to a Safety Professional or an Industrial Hygienist.

These courses teach the fundamental science and how to assess radiological conditions to institute protective measures for radiation workers. A radiological simulator is used to enable trainees to learn proper survey techniques in an environment that does not pose radiation exposure. To complete the training, individuals should be motivated and have the discipline to self-study.  Previous experience in an industrial or utility setting is helpful, as is nuclear experience.

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