BHI Energy announces: 10 year contract with Xcel Energy Aug 2017

BHI Energy announces: 10 year contract with Xcel Energy Aug 2017

Historical Moment

On Friday, August 25, 2017 BHI Energy signed a 10 year contract with Xcel Energy to perform all of their Maintenance and Modification scope of work at both Prairie Island and Monticello nuclear power plants. This is a first of its kind in the industry based on its length, the true partnership approach and the fact that it contains a unique arrangement placing BHI in a Master Conductor role. The Master Conductor gives BHI the responsibility to work with Xcel to have oversight over all of the vendors on site. BHI will form an Executive Steering committee that will include executives from all of the major vendors performing work at the nuclear facilities.

Being awarded this contract follows 3 years of hard work by the entire MMC team at Xcel and the outstanding results of the work BHI has performed. We have completed all 3 outages without an OSHA recordable injury; all have been completed on or ahead of schedule and on or ahead of budget. These have been the best outages in the last 25 to 30 years for Xcel. At the signing of the contract, BHI received many positive accolades from all levels of the Xcel organization. Tim O’Conner, The Xcel Chief Nuclear Officer, stated that “when our partnership started in 2014 the long term viability of the nuclear facilities was considered to be extremely low, one foot in the grave. But following these 3 years of consistent delivery of safe, high quality, on budget and on schedule outages the outlook is considerably more positive”.

This contract truly sets the tone for the future of the entire MMC business. It is about real partnerships and really doing what we say we can.

Paul Rubin, President Power Services, MMC