Decommissioning Work at Vermont Yankee Nuclear

BHI has been involved in the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning project since 2017.  Our team provided a detailed evaluation of existing radiological data, area configurations, segmentation tool use, and planned reactor vessel segmentation work processes.  BHI developed the project ALARA plan, which established project-specific requirements for reducing radiation doses with engineering controls, shielding materials, and area radiation monitoring. BHI also developed the RVI and RPV Segmentation Health and Safety Plan (HASP). The HASP was developed to ensure compliance with the site’s industrial safety program and OSHA safety requirements.  BHI  supplies all of the Radiation Protection and Industrial Safety personnel to support active field work phases of the VY RVI and RPV segmentation project. BHI also provides the equipment (e.g., radiation detection instrumentation, contamination control equipment, ventilation units, coating equipment), RP consumables and supplies, and coating materials necessary.

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