Nuclear Plant Construction & Maintenance Support

BHI supported Vogtle Nuclear Unit 3 and Unit 4 construction completion, initial energization, early testing and Hot Functional Testing prior to start-up and commercial operation. An additional team of Test Engineers, Planners and Test Specialists were seconded to Southern Nuclear across various testing and plant organizations focused on plant checkout and start-up activities.

BHI’ s Construction scope of work on Unit 3 was performing terminations on various AC/DC systems, including the 125VDC Battery backup system and ventilation systems in the Annex, Auxiliary, Containment, Diesel Generator and Turbine Buildings. The Unit 4 scope of work was installing conduit, building, and testing of EPA’s as well as terminations.  Field Engineers supported the acceptance of all cable terminations as well as generating requests and reports to correct or clarify engineered documents to include Engineering Service Reports (ESR), Condition Reports (CR) and Corrective Actions Reports (CAR).

BHI’s strength lies in our flexibility to shift resources as needed to address changing priorities and our leadership that has significant operating plant experience. Maintenance teams worked closely with plant I&C teams as well as in collaboration with other contracted specialty teams. Construction teams were closing out open construction work packages, completing cable pulls and terminations and responding to emergent issues. BHI had personnel selected to serve in the Maintenance Support Center who fulfilled roles as issue managers. We delivered consistent and reliable production and our work groups demonstrated an exemplary safety and human performance record with no injuries or major HU events.