Tunnel Coating, Water Barrier, Radioactive Encapsulation

BHI was awarded the RP Master Service Contract for RP and Engineering services including the FSS program with Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) at the Humboldt Bay decommissioning project.  BHI provided D&D services ranging from supplemental staffing to license termination support and development of site-specific release criteria to MARSAME training.  One project involved applying Warren S-301 epoxy to internal surfaces of the liquid radioactive waste and off-gas tunnel network, totalling 6,000sf.  The 200mil single build application provided a barrier to water intrusion and reduced the migration of contaminants to groundwater. The S-301 formula was selected for this project because of its ability to adhere to the cold, wet concrete surfaces encapsulating and fixing the loose radioactive contamination. The use of this epoxy formulation does not inhibit the concrete sizing process during the demolition phase because it is designed to fracture with the concrete with delamination.

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