Radiation Protection Training

Radiation Protection Training

Since the beginning of 2018, BHI Energy has been actively training and qualifying radiation protection technicians for the U.S. supplemental workforce, investing over 3 million dollars in training materials and facilities.  BHI is certified by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to administer written knowledge exams and task performance evaluations using EPRI Standardized Task Evaluations (STE).  The STE process ensures our technicians are trained and qualified using a systematic approach to training.

Nuclear Power technicians are highly sought to work in one of 99 nuclear power plants or reactors in the U.S.  A career in the nuclear industry offers a highly desirable job, excellent pay, nationwide opportunities and upward mobility.

As the nation’s largest supplier of supplemental radiation protection technicians, BHI is always looking for smart, hard-working individuals that desire a career in radiation protection.  We offer initial training that provides the basic skills to perform junior-level radiation protection tasks.  We also offer senior-level training to those technicians ready to advance to a senior radiation protection technician position.  This web page provides the information needed to prepare for the training.

  • The Nuclear Industry Standard Processes (NISP) are procedures that govern the work commonly performed by radiation protection technicians.  BHI offers training that provides the basic fundamentals of radiation protection and the knowledge required to implement specific NISP procedures as a Junior RP Technician.
  • BHI provides its training course and associated materials at no cost to students.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to the course site, hotel, meals, and personal incidentals.
  • If you are just beginning your quest to be a Junior RP Technician, you must first complete the BHI Energy course “RP Theory Fundamentals for Junior Task Qualifications.”  This is a self-paced eLearning course that will be provided to you.  At the end of the course, you will be prompted to send an email to BHI requesting attendance at one of our RP courses.  Scheduled attendance will be based on the availability of open slots and your ability to attend.
  • Contact information to register for a course or get the preparatory materials is below.  Our staff will talk with you and help you get the information you need for the preparation required before entering a course.  Please do not register unless you are willing to make the commitment to prepare in advance.  The program is fast-paced and the probability of success is dependent on your preparation.

BHI’s Radiation Protection Course Registration

BHI’s Junior RP Technician course is offered across the country at various nuclear sites.  If you are interested in registering for a course, contact one of the below BHI Energy Radiation Protection Course Representatives for more information.

Michael Roberts – Radiation Protection Trainer

Email:  michael.roberts@bhienergy.comPhone: (803) 920-7016

Terrence Ball – Recruiter

Email: terrence.ball@bhienergy.comPhone: (508) 591-1258

2020 Continuing Training for Supplemental RP Technicians

The 2020 continuing training course for supplemental RP technicians is now available on NANTeL.  Technicians must complete this course to maintain their qualifications for work in 2021. To complete this course, log on to the NANTeL website and click on the “My Training” icon.  Click on the course titled “Supplemental RP Technician Continuing Training 2020 Cert.”  If this course is not listed, notify a NANTeL Administrator by sending an email to nantel@bhienergy.com to have the course assigned to you.

Beginning in January 2021, your position qualification will be suspended until this course is completed even if you are assigned to a site at that time.  The course should only take three to four hours to complete.  You can complete this course at home or during a work assignment.  However, if you complete the training during a work assignment, you must complete the training only when time is available, i.e., completing this training shall not interfere with the work expectations of site management.  NANTeL allows you to exit the course at any time and then resume the course later from the point of exit.  A proctor is not required. Course completion will also be listed in PADS using code “RPCT20.”

Need Help: Using and navigating NANTeL can get confusing. BHI has provided three links below to help.

Nuclear Industry Standard Process (NISP) Documents

Forming the basis for the new industry standardized radiation protection qualifications, the thirteen NISP documents govern the work of supplemental technicians.  Click here to access:

NISP Documents

Training Material for Radiological Fundamentals and STEs

Click here to access the RP Fundamentals and Standard Task Evaluation training documents:

RP Fundamentals & STEs