Radiation Protection Training

2019 Continuing Training for Supplemental RP Technicians

The 2019 continuing training course for supplemental RP technicians is now available on NANTeL.  Technicians must complete this course to maintain their qualifications for work in 2020. To complete this course, log on to the NANTeL website and click on the “My Training” icon.  Click on the course titled “Supplemental RP Technician Continuing Training 2019 Cert.”  If this course is not listed, notify a NANTeL Administrator to have the course assigned to you.

Beginning in January 2020, your position qualification will be suspended until this course is completed even if you are assigned to a site at that time.  The course should only take one to two hours to complete.  You can complete this course at home or during a work assignment.  However, if you complete the training during a work assignment, you must complete the training only when time is available, i.e. completing this training shall not interfere with the work expectations of site management.  NANTeL allows you to exit the course at any time and then resume the course later from the point of exit.  A proctor is not required.

Course completion will also be listed in PADS using the code RPCT19.  Since NANTeL does not directly interface with PADS, there will be some delay between completing the course and entering the completion date in PADS.  The PADS update is a manual process that will be done periodically during 2019.