Civil Maintenance & Scaffold Management Services

Vogtle RVHFA Package

Coatings, Insulation & Scaffold Management

BHI Energy delivers industry-recognized scaffold management programs and integrated insulation and industrial coatings services to power generating facilities nationwide.  We perform full-service coating applications which encompass all areas of our customers’ facilities.  Our insulation services include the removal and installation of materials on new and existing plant equipment, in addition to full asbestos abatement services.  Benefits of implementing BHI Energy’s programs at your facility include reduced lifecycle cost and enhanced industrial safety performance.

Scaffold Management Programs & Custom Components

Implementation of our scaffold management program is proven to reduce labor costs, radiation exposure and OSHA-required inspection time by a minimum of 25%.

BHI Energy’s scaffold management program utilizes Excel Modular Scaffold, recognized as the most safe and efficient scaffold material in the industry and recommended by industry regulators such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  BHI provides project management, project supervision, craft labor, scaffold material, custom components, design engineering, laser imaging, permanent platforms, and long-term scaffolding installation services.  Additional cost savings can be realized though implementation of our permanent platforms and custom components.  BHI can provide full-service engineering, design, fabrication and installation of all vertical access needs.

Reduced Labor Time & Cost
BHI Energy’s proprietary Reactor Vessel Head Flange Adapter (RVHFA) has been implemented to prove a reduction in labor time and cost of up to 100 person hours per shift, 15 hours of outage critical path time and over 1.1 rem per outage.

Reduced Material Handling & Radiation Exposure
Installation of BHI’s permanent shielding has resulted in up to 3.2 rem savings in temporary shielding installation and removal and 10 rem dose savings in future drywell dose each outage.  Facilities utilizing this technology can experience savings of up to $50,000 per outage in avoided O&M cost in the areas of temporary shielding and scaffold labor.

Reduced Critical Path & Inspection Time
Facilities who have implemented BHI’s scaffold management program experienced reduced OSHA-required inspection time by 30%.  Implementation of our permanent platforms have resulted in a savings of 240-320 person hours and 24 hours off critical path time per outage.

Increased Safety & Efficiency
Excel Modular Scaffold is recognized as the most safe and efficient scaffold material available to the industry today.

Our Experience

BHI Energy has more than 25 years of experience providing civil maintenance and scaffold management services to nuclear, fossil and industrial facilities.  We have implemented our programs at more than 20 facilities nationwide, saving our customers millions of dollars in total lifecycle and operating costs.


  • Scaffold Management Programs
  • Permanent platforms
  • Laser Imaging / 3D Modeling
  • Scaffold Equipment Storage & Decontamination
  • Specialty Fabrication & Design
  • Seismic Engineering
  • Insulation & Coatings
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • General Labor (including rigging & material handling)