D&D Services

ICP D&DBHI Energy is a leading provider of decontamination & decommissioning (D&D) services, with proven experience in all phases of the D&D process – from decommissioning cost estimates and strategies to site characterization and license termination.

Our team of D&D professionals is recognized industry-wide for delivering projects on schedule, within budget, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.  When executing projects, we understand the importance of safety planning and performing to the highest quality standards.

Our Experience

Since 1981, BHI Energy has supported every U.S. commercial nuclear plant decommissioning project and every major DOE site closure project.  We have supported D&D projects within the government, commercial and private sectors at facilities including research reactors, production facilities, research laboratories and other licensed facilities.

D&D Services

  • Project & program management
  • D&D supervision & technicians
  • Historical site assessments
  • Background & reference area studies
  • Site characterization plan development & implementation
  • MARSSIM- & MARSAME-compliant plans & protocols
  • Derived concentration guideline limit (DCGL) derivation
  • Decommissioning plan development
  • License termination plan (LTP) development
  • Final status survey (FSS) program development & implementation
  • Data management
  • Stakeholder interface support
  • Effluent & environmental monitoring program modifications
  • Onsite laboratory
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Offsite dose calculation manual revisions
  • Waste handling, packaging & shipping
  • Decontamination technology
  • Specialty coatings
  • Pipe survey & inspections
  • Emergency planning