Medical X-Ray Services

BHI Energy Medical X-Ray and Physics Services for the North East, Central and Western United States.

For small and large single location, and multi-location/multi state medical, dental, industrial or veterinary facilities, BHI energy provides proven X-ray equipment maintenance and service, including radiation safety program development, shielding and facility designs, equipment calibration verification, physics and scatter surveys and dosimetry evaluations.  These services ensure offices utilizing medical, dental or industrial x-ray equipment meet all federal and state specific regulatory requirements.  BHI Energy-MIS also offers around the clock technical support by phone and subject matter expert representation in legal matters.  For each office assessed, a full digital report is provided.  Multi-year fixed price discount contracts are available for multi-location/multi-state organizations and corporations.  For individual offices, our pricing is very competitive and includes the experience and service provided by the BHI Energy-MIS QA/QC program headed by a major Medical University Professor and

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University Radiation Safety Officer, and ABHP certified Program Manager. Both the BHI Energy QA Officer and BHI Energy Medical X-ray Services Program Manager have safety training and experience in the medical radiation safety fields and nuclear industry fields.  The combined experience of the BHI Energy-MIS team exceeds 100 years.

BHI Energy, in partnership with Multi Industrial Services, Inc. (M.I.S.), offers a full suite of medical x-ray equipment and facility design services across the United States.  For medical facilities and institutions utilizing diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray services, including dental, veterinary, podiatry and medical installations, new or existing, BHI Energy and MIS provide full x-ray support services.  Our customer base includes large national chains to small offices in all New England States (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island), New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin. BHI Energy is licensed/registered in all states currently serviced that require licensing/registration.  Our clients include, Aspen Dental, Gentle Dental, Banfield Veterinary clinics, and a variety of individual facility and small office medical, dental, industrial, and podiatry offices in nearly every state serviced to date.  The latest technology and instruments are used to test the x-ray at client facilities including ion chambers by Fluke, Victoreen, and Raysafe, tissue equivalent phantoms, and aluminum shields to assess beam quality.

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Services provided include facility design, shielding design and assessment, x-ray equipment calibration verification, staff and patient x-ray dose assessment, low and no-cost to implement recommended corrective actions when necessary, state mandated equipment registration evaluations, operator location assessments, and detailed reports documenting compliance status of all equipment and the facility design.  The facility report, delivered before BHI leaves the premises, includes all of the above and notes any compliance challenges with individual state requirements assessed and reported to the client.

Clients under long term contract are provided a number of advantages.

  • We guarantee a fixed price for two testing cycles or 6 years, whichever is longer.
  • For in State travel, there is no charge for travel (out of State travel is based on reasonable cost plus ten percent). Note: M.I.S. has personnel in NY and Massachusetts.
  • Technical support is available (over the phone during all business hours, and/or in person, if necessary) for various X-ray equipment challenges.
  • Representation is provided for legal issues associated with radiological health challenges, either from the State auditors, or in court if an employee or other individual documents a radiological safety complaint. (Rates for legal court challenges as a Technical Expert provide on request).

Scheduling of facilities are done well in advance of any State required due dates.  We also consult with the staff following any testing to ensure that they understand the impact of the results of the testing, if any, potential long term challenges as well as the overall results of the evaluations.

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For service requests and pricing for all states except NY, contact Chris Messier, VP of Engineering for BHI Energy at 339-440-1043or Joe Bisson, Director of Engineering for BHI Energy at 774-454-0726.