Operational Radiation Protection

Operational Radiation ProtectionAs the largest supplier of radiation protection services to North America, BHI Energy routinely fills over 6,000 requests for personnel at our clients’ sites annually.  We provide an integrated approach to filling our customers’ needs, utilizing proven processes, dedicated recruiters and our custom recruiting/resource management software.

Our services include the entire onboarding process including pre-hire screening, NRC-required background investigations, industry-required training and qualifications such as NUF and NANTel, as well as RP qualifications verification in accordance with client and ANSI standards.

BHI provides turnkey support, with the unique capacity to maintain all aspects of your radiation protection program.

  • Outages: We’ve supported more than 1,100 refueling outages, and typically provide radiological personnel for more than 6,000 positions annually.
  • Projects: From project management to complete turnkey radiation protection programs, we support projects such as large component replacements, upgrades, remediation and decommissioning.
  • Routine Operations: We support routine operations with a cost-effective, full time workforce working alongside your facility personnel.

BHI Leadership

Our executive team is comprised of experts with hands-on radiation protection experience including former utility management and line supervision, radiation protection managers, radiological engineers and health physicists.  We understand the demands of the industry and have the expertise required to improve radiological safety performance for our customers.

Workforce Development

BHI recognized the potential for a workforce shortage in 1998. In response, we initiated a long term, multi-faceted resource pipeline development initiative along with our clients and industry representatives. Today, BHI is a leader in developing and seeking solutions to expand the number of radiation safety workers available to the industry.

 Our Experience

With more than 40 years of experience, BHI has provided radiation protection and decontamination services to every operating nuclear power plant, every major Department of Energy (DOE) site closure project, and every commercial nuclear power plant decommissioning project in the United States. Our international experience includes work in Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom.

We have a demonstrated history of meeting our customers’ requests for personnel. Our dedicated recruiting team is supported by a proprietary, custom integrated recruiting/resource management software (RRMS) system.

Radiation Protection Services

  • Management & Supervision (CHP, RPM, RSO, ES&H)
  • Radiological Engineering
  • Dosimetry
  • Technical & Professional Services
  • Radiological Work Planning & Scheduling
  • Instrumentation
  • Waste Handling & Shipping
  • Training