Decontamination Equipment & Solutions

BHI Energy offers a variety of decontamination equipment and solutions for use at power generating and government facilities.

Concrete shaving (Dry decontamination)

Through our partnership with Bluegrass Concrete Cutting LLC, BHI Energy offers high-precision concrete shaving equipment for walls, floors, ceilings and curved surfaces.

Decon Equipment Scabbling

The equipment “shaves” contaminated concrete and any embedded metals with a cutting depth precision that results in producing up to 50 percent less waste than other technologies. This high precision eliminates the need for reworking and multiple passes. It also saves time, reduces disposal costs, and makes final release surveys more reliable.

Scabbling Equipment

BHI Energy offers an array of hand-held and large-scale scabbling equipment for removing contaminants.   This process involves abrading surfaces with steel needles to decontaminate small areas, corners, crevices and complex surfaces.

Hydrolasers & Pressure Washers                         

BHI Energy offers a wide selection of hot-water pressure washers, hydrolasers and accessories for surface decontamination and dose reduction. The equipment also works for cleaning drains, heat exchangers, condenser tubes, tanks and other critical components.

This selection includes:

  • Hot-water pressure washer
  • High pressure hydrolaser
  • Ultra-high pressure water jet system
  • Ceiling and wall fixture
  • Beam and corner fixture
  • Floor fixture
  • Vacuum system

By*Pas Cleaner Concentrate (Hand Decontamination)

By*Pas is a highly concentrated liquid cleaning agent designed for decontamination tasks. These tasks include loose particle contamination, degreasing tools and components and cleaning decontamination areas of all sizes. By*Pas can also be used for hand wiping and floor mopping.

The cleaning agent is safe and effective for use on virtually all surfaces including concrete and tile floors, painted surfaces, fabrics, plastics, rubber, neoprene, nylon, glass and most metals.

Nuclear Mastr-Pump                                                                         

The Nuclear Mastr-Pump features a peristaltic design that quickly transfers waste sludge at up to 100 gallons per minute. A 29-foot suction head makes it ideal for safely removing sludge or residue from equipment pits, tanks and other low areas.

In addition, the Nuclear Mastr-Pump maintains clean internals. Its internal hose is the only part that contacts contaminated materials. Simply change the hose, and the pump is clean.