Valve Services

nuclear valve engineering

Full Service Valve Maintenance

As a full service integrated valve and actuator maintenance company, BHI Energy performs preventative and predictive maintenance services and diagnostic testing on valves and motors of all manufacturer types.  We leverage our industry-recognized training programs, integrated project management approach and our First-Time Quality process to ensure that our customers’ most complex valve projects are completed on time and on schedule.

Industry-Recognized Training Program
Our full-service valve and actuator maintenance programs are supported by an INPO-modeled, performance based technical training and qualification program.  Our training program has been accepted as equivalent to several of our customers’ utility training programs.  This equivalency based approach improves quality while reducing cost associated with in-processing training time.

Integrated Project Approach
BHI provides an integrated planning and project management system to safely execute any valve project on schedule and on budget.  Our integrated process includes in-depth pre-planning, comprehensive project reviews, risk assessments and contingency development.

First Time Quality
BHI implements a rigorous “First Time Quality” process that augments site work instructions and procedures to ensure that component-level risk assessments are conducted and mitigating strategies developed.

Our Experience

Since 1999, BHI Energy’s valve division has provided valve services to over 50 percent of the U.S.-based nuclear utilities and successfully supported hundreds of major nuclear power plant projects.  More than four million hours of nuclear outage-related filed services have been logged to date.  Our full-time valve management team and lead technicians have collectively supported over 700 valve and actuator service refueling outage projects.


  • Conventional and Live-loading of Packing
  • Safety Valves:  Refurbishment & Testing
  • Gate and Globe In-line Seat Refurbishment
  • Body to Bonnet Joint Repairs
  • Check Valve Inspections and Refurbishment
  • Butterfly and Plug Valve Refurbishment
  • High Integrity Valve Repair & Valve Machining
  • Valve In-line Reconstruction
  • Restorations for Critical Service Valves within OEM Specifications
  • Mobile Machine Shops Provided to Support Field Services
  • Field Machining:  In-line Code Weld Repairs & Finishing
  • MOV and AOV Operator Refurbishment and Preventative Maintenance
  • MOV and AOV Valve Diagnostics
  • Turnkey MSIV Capabilities