Specialty Welding, Machining & Fabrication

BHI Energy provides specialty welding, machining and major component replacement services to power generation facilities nationwide. Our project managers, supervisors, weld operators and craft personnel have decades of experience delivering the most critical quality and productivity for our customers.

This qualified team of field personnel, along with a proven project management infrastructure equipped with the latest technology, allows BHI Energy to meet or exceed all safety standards. We also reduce planned schedule durations and deliver services in emergent scenarios.

BHI Energy’s robust infrastructure includes a well-developed Project Management System to estimate, manage, and deliver all projects through detailed work breakdown structures and critical path schedule management.

Expert Project & Field Operations Management

Our experienced management team leverages the most talented leaders of craft within the industry. These teams deliver unmatched quality and productivity which results in the best productivity per dollar spent within the industry.

Specialty Agreements

BHI maintains a network of specialty agreements allowing for the travel of top-notch craft into local areas to address key talent shortages.

Specialty Technology

We utilize innovative specialty welding and machining equipment and processes refined over years to create higher productivity and quality.

Top Notch Engineering Support

BHI’s maintains a talented team for engineering support that addresses customer needs and creates innovative solutions.

Expert QA Programs

Our Quality Assurance Programs meet 10CFR50 Appendix B/NQA 1 and ASME Codes with “S,” “U” and “R” Stamps.

Welding Procedures & Qualifications

BHI’s in-house Welding Program meets ASME Section IX and AWS Codes with hundreds of weld procedures and nearly 1,000 welder qualifications.

BHI Energy’s project team expertly performs the following project services

  • Large component repair & replacement
  • Weld overlay (automatic & semi-automatic)
  • Orbital welding
  • Vessel & piping replacement (interior restoration)
  • Safety related welding & machining services (piping, vessels, valves)
  • Valve repair & replacement
  • Engineered solutions to complex mechanical challenges
  • Prime contracting of multiple vendors (turnkey)
  • General supplemental welding & machining support
  • Shop fabrication services

Our Experience

Since 2010, BHI Energy’s Specialty Group has successfully completed major projects for a majority of the refining companies in the U.S. and numerous other industrial facilities such as coal-fired power plants and paper and pulp mills.  Our full-time project management and field supervision team has an average of 20 years of experience in the industry and has personally managed a large preponderance of the specialty welding projects completed.