Site Information

Waterford Steam Electric Station is a single PWR unit located on the Mississippi River 25 miles west of New Orleans.

The site is owned and operated by Entergy and the unit generates 1,190 MW.

Key Contact Information

BHI Site Manager:

Site Manager – Barry Keele

bkeel90@entergy.com       781-783-7051   – text is best

Recruiter: Scott Davis
800-225-0385 X1291, scott.davis@bhienergy.com

Reporting Information

Report at 0700 to the BHI RP doublewide, this is toward the Protected Area (west)

of the Inprocessing 4 wide. It is marked with BHI RP on the corners of the trailer.  We will do BHI paperwork there.

The inprocessing 4 wide is marked and is just west of the main parking lot.

At 0745 you will go to the inprocessing 4 wide to start the inprocessing process.

Will generally work 10 hour shifts for training, if you are going to night shift we will try to roll you as soon as badged.  GG transfers should not need much and it should be a quick process.  Bring all PPE with you from GG.   I will also have a roster in the trailer for the EN-OM-126 brief, which will pe a video presentation that we can do in groups.


Parking!  Park within the lines and do not extend bumpers into the walkways, they will issue you a parking pass during your inprocessing in the 4 wide.  Also, when you get your traveler, take a photo of

The first page at the top, it has your user id and password for the computers so if you lose the folder you will have it.


GPS Address

17265 River Rd, Killona, LA 70057

Directions/Link to Google Maps

Nearest Airports

Louis Armstrong International (MSY) 20 miles

Preferred Places to Stay

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