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Dominion Covid Policy

by Eric Bartlett on 8/16/2021 12:11 PM

Dominion Energy now requires that both vaccinated and unvaccinated DE colleagues and all contractors working at Dominion Energy wear masks indoors.


Individuals alone in closed rooms may unmask. regardless of vaccine status

Vaccinated colleagues working in cubicles at least six feet from others may remove face coverings

Unvaccinated colleagues must continue to wear masks in cubicles, regardless of distance, and may not avoid this requirement by booking conference rooms or other shared spaces

All colleagues must wear masks when ordering/picking up lunch on the kitchen area of the café

Only vaccinated individuals may use the dining area of the cafeteria


Vaccinated colleagues working/walking outdoors may unmask and social distancing is not required

Unvaccinated colleagues working/walking outdoors must wear masks if they cannot socially distance from others.  This includes walking for exercise during lunch or to/from vehicles