Buried Pipe Inspection Services & Technologies

BHI Energy offers turnkey NEI 09-14 Buried Piping Initiative Program (BPIP) services including assessment, inspection, mitigation and rehabilitation to the power industry.

Our BPIP team has engineered a cutting-edge technology that is the first of its kind to perform internal inspection of piping systems. This technology permits visual inspection and radiation surveys concurrently with radiation survey results recorded directly on the visual inspection record (CD/DVD). 

The Sub-Surface & Embedded Pipe Inspection System (SEPIS)

System Design Basis

Our proprietary SEPIS system is designed to inspect and record the physical and internal radiological condition of piping systems.  These systems range in diameter from 2 to 24 inches in a single pass. Other geometries can be performed on a case-by-case basis.

Our hardware has been integrated and calibrated by BHI Energy for peak efficiency. This hardware utilizes robust closed circuit television (CCTV) components and radiological survey instrumentation.  The hardware has the focus of offering a site-specific and cost competitive sub-surface and embedded internal piping inspection solution to our clients.

System Architecture

SEPIS allows the recording of data, time, location (distance down pipe entry point) and radiological measurements. These recordings occur as the equipment travels the length of a piping survey unit.

The system is capable of utilizing a cadre of radiation detection equipment. This allows flexibility for system configuration, accommodating site-specific survey geometries and radionuclides of concern.

Reporting & Data Validation

Upon completion of the daily survey activities, the data gathered will be tabulated and inventoried for efficient retrieval of survey information. The same rigor is applied to the data collected.

Data is analyzed and graphically presented for buried piping inspection results and final reports with mid- and long-term recommendations for inspection frequencies and mitigation strategies.