Excel Modular Scaffold

Custom Scaffold Component Design

Deltak Manufacturing, Inc. is a full-service fabrication facility and the sole manufacturer of Excel Modular Scaffold. Specializing in design, development, qualification and fabrication of components for custom applications, Deltak has developed the following two patents for innovative scaffold components for BHI Energy.

Permanent Shielding Racks & Towers

Nine Mile Drywell Scaffolding

These seismically qualified components enable scaffold towers, work platforms and lead shielding racks to remain installed on a long-term basis in containment while at power. This approach improves dose savings for shielding evolutions and reduces labor costs, worker exposure and critical path time.

Features & Benefits

  • Seismically tested & qualified in accordance with IEEE standards
  • Custom components fit areas normally requiring tube & clamp
  • Increased flexibility using Excel’s fully adjustable diagonal sway strut braces and telescoping load-bearing trusses, load-bearing horizontal bars and metal toe boards

Reactor Vessel Head Flange Adapter (RVHFA)

The RVHFA is a lightweight assembly that enables faster and more cost-effective reactor head inspections. It is compatible with existing Excel scaffold components. Custom-designed pieces are available to fit your facility.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces time & dose associated with installation
  • Eliminates need for conventional tube & clamp components
  • Provides lightweight components that are safely & easily handled
  • Enables installation of lead shielding blankets to further reduce dose
  • No welding, drilling or bolting to existing head structure required
  • Plastic-covered inserts protect the reactor head flange & stud holes
  • Eliminates need for any type of support structure from the charging floor