The Gold Standard

Pursuing Excellence through ‘The Gold Standard’

BHI Energy has adopted a specialist approach in delivering services, utilizing techniques perfected over years of experience, combined with the highest quality supervision and an extensive network of highly skilled technical, professional and craft labor.

Our commitment to this approach means taking ownership and investing in each job, resulting in a true partnership between BHI and our customers, with superior service and mutual goals and rewards.  As we continuously strive to improve our business processes and services, we integrate the following standards throughout our daily operations.

Safety First

At BHI, safety is at the core of every job we perform and is an uncompromising value for every individual.  Our safety culture fosters an environment where safety is a collective responsibility of the entire organization.  We refer to this as “200% Accountability,” being 100% accountable for oneself, in addition to being 100% accountable for one’s peers. BHI’s safety record that consistently achieves top decile performance is a reflection of our attitudes, practices and overall commitment to safety.

First Time Quality

BHI’s provides first-time quality services utilizing a Corrective Action Program (CAP) to identify, document, evaluate, resolve and trend quality and human performance issues.  Our multi-faceted approach augments site work instructions, policies and procedures, resulting in prevention of risks, correction of performance gaps and ensuring these risks are minimized or mitigated.

Schedule & Cost Certainty

For jobs which are project-driven or fixed-price, BHI will complete the project on-time and within or under budget.


As a specialty service provider, BHI is continually developing new approaches and introducing new ideas and technology for the benefit of our customers and our business.  We are committed to reducing operating cost through efficiency and innovation.

Ease of Doing Business

BHI understands what is required for a true partnership and provides a solution to source all your technical, professional and maintenance needs through a single contractor – that’s us. With nationwide and international account managers, regional offices and project locations, BHI makes it easy to provide responsive solutions to our customers’ needs.

Continuous Improvement

BHI pursues excellence at every level of the organization and is committed to improving our business and field operations through a robust continuous improvement culture.  This culture is supported by a corporate infrastructure, a Center of Excellence, as well as identifying best practices and applying them throughout daily operations.