About BHI

About BHI

BHI Energy is a broad umbrella organization with a complete service offering that covers all facets of Power Generation through the entire Electrical Delivery system.  For over 40 years, our diverse services have been focused on multiple end markets, united by our level of service and quality, our unique partnership approach to our customer relationships, and our internal culture of how we interact with and support each other.

BHI provides industry-leading specialty services and staffing solutions to the industrial/oil & gas, power generation, and transmission & distribution markets.  In addition to offering select specialty services, BHI also has the ability to bundle our individual offerings into a fully integrated platform.  This platform provides our customers with the quality of a specialty services provider with the coordination and cost savings of a fully integrated service provider.

Since 1979, our business model has been proven to build and maintain longstanding partnerships with our customers, based on the alignment of operating objectives and our ability to help our customers better manage and service their operating assets.  We provide quality and cost effective solutions to our customers by leveraging our top leadership along with our highly skilled workforce; which includes more than 8,500 experienced project management and technical, professional and craft labor operating at over 130 global project locations.

Vision & Core Values


To be a leading full-service provider of Maintenance, Construction and Staffing  services, united in our pursuit of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Core Values

Customer Focus
We place our customers first, building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers based on mutual respect, accountability and fairness.  We serve in true partnership, aligning with their goals, and taking on our customers’ problems as if they are our own.

Excellence & Quality
We strive to provide the highest operational excellence, in a reliable manner, through high-quality products and services perceived as valuable by our customers.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, our employees and our community through the use of safe work practices and continuous education and training.

Integrity & Transparency
We maintain the highest ethical standards with our customers and staff, providing transparency and open communication.

We are accountable for the actions under our control, and hold others accountable through involved inquiry and a “No Excuses” mentality.

We operate with resilience, determination and persistence in the face of challenges.

We are one team, operating in unity of purpose and action.

Commitment to Our Team
Our people are how we get the job done and thus our number one asset.  We are committed to empowering and challenging our employees, and valuing our team through leadership which clearly models our values.

Learning & Innovation
We foster innovation and continuous learning by utilizing “Lessons Learned”, through our Innovation Program, and by being open-minded.  We proactively pursue innovative ways of serving customers, by developing real world solutions in response to customer needs.