Hydro Turbine & Equipment Maintenance

BHI’s Hydroelectric Group operates across the U.S. & Canada to provide our customers with the highest quality turbine/generator upgrades and balance of plant services available.

We  utilize a first time quality approach to our work, eliminating rework and improving equipment performance.

BHI is committed to partnering with our customers to align priorities while maintaining environmental stewardship, operational leadership and financial accountability.

Decades of Experience

For 23 years, BHI Energy has been providing turnkey equipment installation, repair and overhaul of hydroelectric turbines/generators working on more than 150 units throughout the US and Canada. We’ve safely worked 1,000,000-man hours at 50+ hydro facilities, providing high quality, low cost, on time results with proven experience and the resources to get the job done.

BHI’s hydro management team includes a strong team of experienced, trained turbine supervisors, highly skilled mechanics and support craft to support a full range of generator and auxiliary equipment projects.  Our proven project management approach starts in the proposal phase with an emphasis on project planning, improving the plan during project execution as discovery items arise.  This flexibility, open communication and a partnered approach are key to minimizing costs for our customers.


  • Project Management
  • Supervision, Technical Expertise and Supplemental Craft
  • Turbine/Generator Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation and Upgrades
  • Unit Inspection & Alignment
  • Emergent Rehabilitation & Repairs
  • OEM Support for Unit Rehab & Upgrades
  • Onsite O&M Services
  • Balance of Plant Maintenance

Fleet Operational Excellence

First Time Quality

Project Management  Approach