Anyone.  All employees supporting nuclear business operations may submit a concern to the ECP.  This can be done anonymously.

Concerns can be an allegation or expression of concern, valid or not, that cites a potential or actual issue within the NRC’s regulatory jurisdiction, such as plant operations, radiological release, safeguards, radiation protection, and other matters relating to NRC regulated activities. Concerns can also be any issue, valid or not, that has the potential to reduce or degrade nuclear, environmental, industrial or transportation safety or the safety conscious work environment.

All individuals involved with BHI Energy’s nuclear business operations have a responsibility to identify problems promptly upon discovery.

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or take action in any one of the following ways:

Tell your supervisor or BHI management member

Send an email to

Call BHI’s ECP Hotline at 866-689-0958

Call the ECP’s Hotline at 800-327-7179

A Message from BHI’s CEO

“I am personally committed to ensuring that our leadership team cultivates a respectful workplace where our decision making related to nuclear safety is rigorous and thorough. Likewise, I encourage each of you to take your responsibility of maintaining a questioning attitude toward nuclear safety with the utmost seriousness.

BHI Energy encourages every employee to feel free to raise questions or concerns related to safety, either through BHI’s internal Employee Concerns Program, or to external agencies including the NRC, without fear of harassment, intimidation, retaliation or discrimination. I, together with our leadership team, have zero tolerance for retaliation against employees who raise such questions or concerns.”

Bob Decensi, BHI Energy CEO

Employee Concern Form

Documentation of Employee Concern

For a printable PDF version of this form, click here: Employee Concerns Printable Form