Video, Communications and Monitoring Technologies

BHI Energy’s Automated Monitoring Systems offer fully integratable telemetry, video and communications, designed for remote, centralized and automated monitoring of radiological and project activities at power stations.

Our team can custom design solutions to meet your site requirements. These solutions can assist you in reducing dose, while increasing radiological safety margin.

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Video Management

Milestone XProtect IP Video Management Software

The Milestone XProtect Corporate is a powerful IP video management software for video surveillance in large scale and high security areas, such as nuclear power plants. This software is designed for large-scale deployments of 75 to an unlimited number of cameras, across one or multiple sites.

Milestone XProtect operates on an open platform architecture connecting to a wide range of IP cameras. The intuitive and easy to use client interface installs on the latest 32- or 64-bit Microsoft operating systems.

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Unified Security Center Interface

The Genetec Security Center has the ability to unify third-party security and business systems, so you can seamlessly control all operations, while providing users with the power to rapidly respond to emerging situations.

Manage all your security operations from a single intuitive client interface, access unified reports, and gain a complete picture of the security environment.

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Communications Solutions

IP Virtual Communication Matrix Software

The Virtual Communication Matrix Software (VCOM) virtual matrix software solution provides the capability for any desktop computer with headset to communicate with all your communication devices – wireless intercoms, speaker stations, IP and analog phones and 2 -way radios. VCOM runs on standard computer and network hardware with a dedicated server. Built on a highly flexible platform, the system scales to hundreds of users.

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UV1G Wireless Intercom

The Enhanced Narrow Band wireless intercom system has a narrower bandwidth of 30kHz, and operates in the VHF range which leaves more room for operation of other wireless devices. Operate 30 base stations with up to 180 belt packs in the same UHF footprint as a 1 base station with 4 belt packs using FM technology. Same high audio quality as traditional FM intercoms.

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The BHI Energy telemetry monitoring software package provides an easy to use, reliable, scalable monitoring solution for radiological safety monitoring activities.

The software package displays data from all major electronic dosimeter and continuous air monitor manufacturers.

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Dose & Air Activity Checkpoint

The Dose & Air Activity Check Point displays real time radiological data in an easy to view format on a mobile all-in-one system display.

BHI Energy’s RMS software runs the application on the built-in PC and connects to area monitors and/or air activity monitors via wired or wireless connection.

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“Q-BOX” Wireless Heat Stress Monitor

The QUESTemp-44 with a 900 MHz wireless transmitter in the field is a single easy-to-mount package.

The Q-Box housing is fiber-glass or polycarbonate construction with a clear window allowing local viewing of the QUESTemp-44 readings.

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