Welcome to BHI’s seasonal outage listing.

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At all sites, safety is of paramount importance and is the first consideration when planning and executing all tasks. All personnel are required to immediately report unsafe conditions or actions to their appropriate supervisor.   All BHI Energy team members are required to fully observe all site policies, procedures, directives, regulations, and refrain from any activity that may result in an unsafe condition or regulatory violation.

Please direct all questions to your appropriate supervisor or the BHI Energy Site Leader.



Long Term Assignments

PreferenceSite Name & LocationTentative Assignment DateEstimated DurationPositions AvailableRecruiterSite Coordinator
LoginPortsmouth - Portsmouth, OHOngoingLong TermLead RCT, Sr RCT & Jr RCTLethea X1393Curt Prebe
LoginChalk River - Chalk River, CanadaOngoingLong TermSr RCTLethea X1393Cliff Froude
LoginFort Calhoun - Fort Calhoun, NEOngoingLong TermSr RCTJoey X1272TBD
LoginOyster Creek - Forked River, NJOngoingLong TermSHP, JHP & DeconScott X1291Ira Turner
LoginPilgrim - Plymouth, MAOngoingLong TermSHP & JHPScott X1291Ira Turner
LoginVermont Yankee - Brattleboro, VTOngoingLong TermSHPScott X1291TBD
LoginIdaho National Labs - Idaho Falls, IDOngoingLong TermSr RCT & Jr RCTLethea X1393
LoginIndian Point - Buchanan, NYOngoingLong TermSHP, JHP & DeconScott X1291
Delvi Acevedo


Upcoming Outages - Spring 2023

PreferenceSite Name & LocationTentative Outage DateEstimated DurationPositions AvailableRecruiterSite Coordinator
LoginPt Beach - Two Rivers, WI3/11/2325 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1268Fred Grimsley
LoginNine Mile - Lycoming, NY3/13/2324 DaysSHP & JHPScott X1291Roger Knight
LoginTurkey Point - Homestead, FL4/8/2332 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1268Dale Pittman
LoginSouth Texas - Wadsworth, TX3/17/2333 DaysSHP, JHP, & DeconJoey X1272Sharon Casey
LoginSusquehanna - Berwick, PA3/20/2330 Days SHP, JHP, & DosimetryJoey X1272Doug Bowman
LoginQuad Cities - Cordova, IL3/27/2323 DaysSHP & JHPScott X1291Marta Overstreet
LoginBrunswick - Southport, NC2/7/2325 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258TBD
LoginSeabrook - Seabrook, NH4/1/2337 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258Gary Stein
LoginMillstone - Waterford, CT4/1/2329 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScottx1291Jamie Warren
LoginVC Summer - Jenkinsville, SC4/7/2327 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTriciax1268Todd Cornwell
LoginPalo Verde - Tonopah, AZ4/8/2329 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryJoey X1272Darlene Wallace
LoginGinna - Ontario, NY4/9/2323 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScottx1291Roger Knight
LoginWatts Bar - Spring City, TN4/14/2329 DaysSHP & JHPTricia X1268Tim Lawson
LoginMonticello - Monticello, MN4/15/2323 DaysSHP, JHP & DosimetryJoey X1272Barry Keele
LoginCatawba - York, SC4/22/2340 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258Frank Reynolds
LoginBraidwood - Braidwood, IL4/24/2319 DaysSHP & JHPScottx1291Marta Overstreet
LoginLimerick - Potts Town, PA5/1/2318 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScottx1291Eddie Robinson
LoginSurry - Surry, VA
4/23/2341 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScottx1291Jamie Warren


Upcoming Outages - Fall 2023

PreferenceSite Name & LocationTentative Outage DateEstimated DurationPositions AvailableRecruiterSite Coordinator
LoginNorth Anna/a> - Mineral, VA9/9/2336 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScottx1291TBD
LoginClinton - Clinton, IL9/11/2323 DaysSHP, JHP & DeconScottx1291Marta Overstreet
LoginMcGuire - Huntersville, NC9/16/2343 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258Lisa Cimino
LoginCallaway - Fulton, Mo9/30/2326 DaysSHP, & JHPJoey X1272TBD
LoginTurkey Point - Homestead, FL9/30/2328 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258Dale Pittman
LoginPt Beach - Two Rivers, WI10/6/2324 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1268TBD
LoginPrairie Island - Red Wing, MN10/6/2363 DaysSHP, JHP, & DosimetryTerrence X1268TBD
LoginByron - Byron, IL10/9/2318 DaysSHP & JHPScott X1291Marta Overstreet
LoginPalo Verde - Tonopah, AZ10/10/2330 DaysSHP, JHP, & DeconJoey X1272Darlene Wallace
LoginDC Cook - Bridgman, MI10/14/2329 DaysSHP, JHP, & DeconJoey X1272Fred Grimsley
LoginMillstone - Waterford, CT10/14/2330 DaysSHP, JHP & DeconScott X1291TBD
LoginPeach Bottom - Delta, PA10/16/2327 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryScott X1291Carl Behm
LoginOconee - Seneca, SC10/28/2330 DaysSHP, JHP, Decon & DosimetryTerrence X1258TBD
LoginDresden - Morris, IL10/30/2328 DaysSHP & JHPScott X1291Marta Overstreet
LoginWatts Bar - Spring City, TN11/3/2329 DaysSHP & JHPTriciax1268Tim Lawson