Commitment to an Industry Leading Safety Culture

At BHI, we believe safety performance is one of the most important criteria by which our customers select their service providers. The benefits of an excellent safety culture provide tangible value to our customers in terms of operational efficiency, shared operating experience and improved employee morale. In most environments, the elements of BHI’s safety culture are seen as value-added and have transferred to our customers’ programs.

The safety of our employees, customers and the environment in which we work is always our core value, never a priority to be balanced. Safety planning is at the center of every task we perform and emphasized at all levels of the organization through continuous training and educational programs. As an organization, this focus extends to all aspects of safety including  Industrial, Nuclear, Radiological and Environmental.

Excellence in Performance

BHI Energy’s safety record consistently achieves top decile performance – reflecting our attitudes, practices, behavior and overall commitment to safety.

Operating within an excellent culture is achieved by incorporating the following into every layer of our business:

  • Leadership training & commitment to safety excellence
  • Planning safety into every evolution
  • Employee training on standards & expected behaviors
  • Continuous organizational learning across varied industries & utilities
  • Performance monitoring & improvement of low-level indicators
  • Accountability through Corrective Action Programs

200% Accountability Program

200% accountability = 100% for myself + 100% for you

BHI embodies the principle of active caring through 200% Accountability. The hallmark of an excellent safety culture is one where people are empowered and encouraged to demonstrate their personal accountability for safety. This accountability includes taking care of one another through shared experiences, peer coaching and having the courage to engage in potentially uncomfortable conversations about each other’s behaviors. Our leadership and field teams have embraced a safety culture and consistently apply this concept beyond the BHI team to actively care for other contractors and our customers. 200%.

COVID-19 Updates

BHI continues to monitor the Coronavirus disease 2019 and is working closely with our customers to ensure that our workforce adheres to customer requirements as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

We have implemented a COVID-19 hotline at 1-864-622-3634 with a recorded up-to-date message with any important changes, as well as posting our general notices on the BHI Energy website.  Read more here.