BHI has many options for experienced professionals in operations, finance, logistics, engineering, recruiting and administration across the country.   If you are growth and challenge oriented and operate well as part of a diverse team, explore the many opportunities BHI offers!


If you have a passion for specialized mechanical and technical work that pays well and provides training and opportunity, BHI employs a peak of 8000+ people who put their skills to work.  Positions include electricians, valve and I&C technicians, turbine & hydro mechanics, wind techs, construction managers, machinists, welders, solar technicians, radiation technicians and IT specialists.

We offer seasonal and full-time employment that can include travel throughout the country.


BHI Energy | Specialty Services has relationships with Union halls across the country.  You can contact your local Union hall to learn more about opportunities with BHI.

Union Members

Recruiting Contacts

Toll Free Number (800) 225-0385

Corporate Offices (508) 746-6464

Recruiting Fax (508) 746-8588


Career Tools

For help creating or updating your resume, Indeed has comprehensive resume building tools and an automated resume builder tool.