Training Creates Excellence

BHI Energy is committed to providing our employees opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill sets through hands-on and classroom-based training programs. We are also committed to providing our customers superior service and talent, achieved through our performance-based training program.

We have invested millions of dollars on training infrastructure and programs. This investment includes a 15,000 square foot training facility located at our Lawrenceville, GA campus, with classrooms, hands-on training workshops, full scale mock-ups and dynamic learning facilities.

Training and Qualification Programs

Our program has been accepted as equivalent to several utility programs. Each of these training and qualification programs contains the following critical elements:

  • Meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in 10CFR50.120
  • Provides standardized training and qualification cards and supporting documentation
  • Provides just-in-time training before each outage/project on pre-determined scope
  • Provides trained and task-qualified personnel with supporting qualification documentation
  • Independently validates workers’ ability to perform job correctly and efficiently

Radiation Protection Training Program

BHI conducts training classes to bring new people into the industry to begin their career as a Radiation Protection (RP) Technician. These classes are offered at no cost, and teach the fundamental science and how to assess radiological conditions to institute protective measures for radiation workers. A radiological simulator is used to enable trainees to learn proper survey techniques in an environment that does not pose radiation exposure.

Students who successfully complete the class are eligible for hire as a Junior RP Technician. Employment opportunities with BHI are typically an option for people who successfully completed this training.  Learn more by clicking here.