Site Information

Columbia Generating Station’s nuclear reactor is located in south central Washington in Sunnyside, 162 miles southwest of Spokane and 200 miles southeast of Seattle.

The site is owned and operated by Energy Northwest. The unit was put into service in 1984 and generates 1,207 MW.

Key Contact Information

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Recruiter: Joey Melanson
800-225-0385 X1272,

Reporting Information

GPS Address

76 N Power Plant Loop, Sunnyside, WA 98944

Directions/Link to Google Maps

Columbia Google Map

Directions to the site:  Coming from Richland, you take Stevens Drive (aka bypass/Hanford hwy).  Drive north toward the Hanford DOE Site/Columbia Plant. At Mile Marker 16 you will see a flashing sign for Energy Northwest (EN) inprocessing, turn right and go about 1 mile, then go left (another flashing sign) this road weaves to the parking area for inprocessing.  Do not park at building 187.

Nearest Airport

Richland Airport (RLD)  14 miles

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