Wolf Creek

Site Information

Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant is a single PWR unit located in eastern Kansas near the town of Burlington, 97 miles from Kansas City and 132 miles from Wichita.

The site is owned and operated by Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation.  The unit entered service in 1985 and generates 1,200 MW.

Key Contact Information

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Recruiter: Tricia Cusimano
800-225-0385 ext. 1268   tricia.cusimano@bhienergy.com

Reporting Information

GPS Address

Wolf Creek NOC, Burlington, KS 66839

Directions/Link to Google Maps

Wolf Creek Google Map


  • Take US 75 south toward Burlington for approximately 9 miles.
  • The Coffey County Airport will be on your left, and you should be able to see the Wolf Creek containment dome ahead on your left.
  • Continue driving about 2 more miles to the intersection of
    US 75 and 17th Road.
  • Turn left (east) on 17th Road toward Sharpe. A sign will indicate Wolf Creek Power Plant.
  • The Dwight D. Eisenhower Learning Center (Wolf Creek Training Center) at 1675 Milo Lane Northeast is on your right about 1 mile from US 75.
  • Then 17th Road crosses Coffey County Lake, and the road curves to the right. The road name changes from 17th Road to Oxen Lane.
  • The Wolf Creek gate is approximately two miles south of the curve.
  • Follow the Outage Processing signs to the Outage Processing Center/Access Screening (first right, far end of parking lot) or the visitor signs to the main plant entrance in the Security Pre‐Screening Facility.

Nearest Airports

Burlington Regional (MHK) 16 miles

Kansas City International (MCI) 116 miles

Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National (ICT) 138 miles

Preferred Places to Stay

Hotels near Wolf Creek Google Map



Country Haven Inn
207 Cross St.
Burlington, KS 66839
620‐364‐8260, 620‐364‐8212

Wolf Creek Lodge
919 N. 4th St.
Burlington, KS 66839



C&D Services RV Camping
(Year‐round full hook‐ups)
1314 US Hwy. 75
Burlington, KS 66839

Country Haven Inn
207 Cross St.
Burlington, KS 66839
620‐364‐8260, 620‐364‐8212

John Redmond Reservoir RV Camping
(Open depending on weather)
1565 Embankment Rd SW
Burlington, KS 66839


Emporia RV Park
(Yr‐round full hook‐ups)
4601 W. Hwy. 50
Emporia, KS 66801
620‐343‐3422, 620‐341‐9105


Garnett Inn, Suites & RV Park
(Yr‐round full hook‐ups)
109 Prairie Plaza Rd.
Garnett, KS 66032
785‐448‐6800, 785‐448‐6830


Crossroads RV Park & Camping
(Yr‐round full hook‐ups)
23313 S. U.S. Hwy 75
Lyndon, KS 66451

Melvern Lake

Corp of Engineers RV Camping
(Full hook‐ups not available until April 1)
31051 Melvern Lake Pkwy
Melvern, KS 66510

Eisenhower State Park
Cabins, Yurts, and RV Camping
(Yr‐round full hook‐ups)
29810 S. Fairlawn Rd
Osage City, KS 66523


Homewood RV Park & Campground
(Yr‐round full hook‐ups)
2161 Idaho Rd
Williamsburg, KS 66095



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