Site Information

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station has two BWR units, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, 130 miles north of Philadelphia.

Susquehanna is owned by Susquehanna Nuclear, LLC, a division of Talen Energy, and Allegheny Electric.  The two units entered service in 1982 and 1985 and generate 2,494 MW.

Key Contact Information

Westinghouse Site Manager: Kenneth Bradley

Westinghouse Sr Lead Recruiter: Joey Melanson 508-591-1272,

Westinghouse Director of OPS: Frederick Campbell, (774) 283-3711,

Reporting Information

Welcome to the Susquehanna outage. Please report to the APF Site Processing Facility at 0700 on your assigned report date and remember to bring a current ID.   You will be inside the Susquehanna Owner Controlled Area so you or your vehicle are subject to search at any time.  Make sure there is no contraband in your vehicle or on your person.

No Guns, Ammo, Knives, Alcohol (including empty containers) or drugs.  If you have to ask if it’s contraband, it probably is and don’t bring it on site!

A Westinghouse representative will meet you to complete in-processing paperwork and give you your Training Schedule.


GPS Address

769 Salem Blvd, Berwick, PA 18603

Directions/Link to Google Maps

Susquehanna Google Map

Directions from E, W, S PA:
From US-11 in Berwick, follow US-11 North approximately 5 miles to the plant.

Directions from NY:
Follow Interstate 81 South and take the PA-29 exit, exit number 164, towards US-11/Nanicoke. Follow PA-29 approximately 5 miles and merge onto US-11 South. Follow US-11 South approximately 15 miles to the plant.

Nearest Airports

Wilkes-Barre Scranton International (AVP) 34 miles

Harrisburg International (MDT) 107 miles

Philadelphia International (PHL) 130 miles

Preferred Places to Stay

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