Professional & Technical Talent

BHI Energy’s on demand direct placement service is a state-of-the-art approach to providing fully outsourced recruitment services.

We utilize the best people, process and technology available to effectively manage a client’s entire recruitment process. From initial consultation through daily execution, we partner with customers to deliver cost-effective recruitment process excellence that is managed through performance.

Experience in Adding Value

We recruit candidates with both professional and technical backgrounds and expertise, for single positions or a team of people. One long-term project provided over 100 employees with specialized IT experience.  To fully staff the project on time, our team worked closely with the client to understand what strategic success consisted of, saving the client valuable time and ensuring that the most qualified candidates were presented. Our understanding of the client’s work culture, expectations and technical qualifications is factored into our state-of-the-art searches and direct sourcing techniques for shorter, more on-target results.

Our Capabilities

  • Develop standardized recruitment process and approach across entire enterprise
  • Reduce client time to hire
  • Dramatically improve sourcing efficiency (“speed-to-market”)
  • Provide nationwide network of recruiting specialists focused on industry-specific sourcing
  • Utilize state of the art talent mining capabilities
  • Comprehensive candidate screening and testing, as required
  • Ensure program success by implementing continuous improvement programs

Deep Recruiting Resources

Our team works closely with our clients to truly understand the culture of the client, the expectations of the hiring manager and the required technical qualifications of the candidate. We search for qualified candidates, using state of the art database tools and direct sourcing techniques, to identify and appropriately screen qualified candidates for presentation to our clients.