Optimizing Facility Safety & Efficiency

BHI Energy offers an extensive line of products and technologies that complement the services we provide with innovative solutions including Remote & Automated Monitoring, Modular Scaffold Programs, Buried Pipe Inspection Services, Specialty Coatings and Portable HEPA Ventilation Systems.

Power generation, industrial and government facilities rely on our technology-based solutions to increase safety, provide cost-savings, and reduce radiological exposure and critical path time.

Remote & Automated Monitoring

BHI Energy’s Automated Monitoring Systems encompass fully integrated telemetry, video and communications designed for remote, centralized and automated monitoring of radiological and project activities.

Our team can custom design and fabricate solutions to meet your facility’s requirements for security and communication. These solutions can also assist you in reducing dose, while increasing radiological safety margin.

Scaffold Programs

BHI Energy’s scaffold management program utilizes Excel Modular Scaffold, recognized as the most safe and efficient scaffold material in the industry and recommended by industry regulators such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). BHI exclusively offers two innovative, patented scaffold components developed by Deltak Manufacturing, Inc. for Excel that deliver savings through:

  • Reduced labor time and cost
  • Reduced material handling and radiation exposure
  • Reduced radiation exposure consistent with ALARA objectives
  • Decreased critical path and inspection time
  • Increased safety and efficiency

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Buried Pipe & Storm Drain Inspection Services

BHI offers turnkey NEI 09-14 Buried Piping Initiative Program (BPIP) services including assessment, inspection, mitigation and rehabilitation. Our proprietary Sub-Surface & Embedded Pipe Inspection System (SEPIS) permits visual inspection and radiation surveys concurrently with radiation survey results recorded directly on the visual inspection record for piping systems from 2-24 inches in diameter in a single pass.

Utilizing mobile robotic crawlers and haloptic technology to see and record deep into confined spaces,  our services offer a site-specific, sub-surface and embedded internal piping inspection solution to our clients that saves time and money.

Coatings Services

BHI offers a number of different expertly applied Coatings services.   We possess the requisite experience, capabilities and resources necessary to ensure your project receives the best available rehabilitation service in the industry for inspection, cleaning, repair and coating services. For superior adherence, increased structural strength, lower maintenance costs, environmentally friendly products and expert application teams, BHI has solutions for you.

Portable HEPA Ventilation Systems & Accessories

During activities that can create airborne contamination, BHI provides nuclear-grade HEPA filtered systems to maintain high air quality with a variety of portable, lightweight and compact models. With full design capabilities to 10,000 cfm from compact units to high-velocity workhorses for high static loads, and a range of parts and accessories to get the job done right, BHI offers rugged solutions for ventilation and vacuum to safely trap and contain nuclear material.

Solutions include:

  • Nuclear Grade HEPA Filtration Systems & Accessories
  • Accessories Like Flexible Hoses and Muzzlers
  • HEPA Vacuum Units
  • Charcoal Filtration Trays