Superior Performance

Our offering includes coatings for contamination control, coatings approved for potable and wastewater applications, high-build epoxies for structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection, flexible grouts for cracks and expansion joints, carbon fiber reinforced polymer systems, thermal spray (metalizing) systems, CIPP, spin cast, Infusion Liner, pull-in-place systems, flooring grouts and mastics.

We possess the requisite experience, capabilities and resources necessary to ensure your project receives the best available rehabilitation service in the industry. We offer the benefit of inspection, cleaning and repair services, as well as the most experienced nuclear services the commercial nuclear industry has to offer.

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Contamination Control Coatings & Services

Polymeric Barrier System (PBS)

Easily applied in the field, PBS is a non-toxic, water-based solution ideal for minimizing the dispersion of contaminated materials. It’s also ideal for covering contaminated soil or construction debris, protecting equipment, stabilizing burial trench soil, confining spills and coating asbestos materials. It forms an impermeable barrier between hazardous or contaminated materials and the environment. Apply PBS to any surface to lock down loose contamination and prevent leaching of contaminates.

PBS is commonly used to stabilize large plant components, concrete, valves, and other problematic radwaste equipment prior to shipment. It is also used to control environmental contamination and soil erosion, providing a far superior alternative to the traditional approach of plastic sheeting or tarpaulins, and it can be applied using industrial spray equipment, paint rollers and brushes, curing within 2-24 hours, and available in 5 or 55 gallon quantities.

Stripcoat TLC Free™

Stripcoat is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, water-based solution designed serve as a barrier to prevent contamination or a covering to contain contamination. It is recommended for the decontamination of floors, walls and equipment, and can prevent areas and equipment from becoming contaminated during maintenance activities. Stripcoat’s chemical composition also makes it ideal for system components including reactor cavities, glove boxes or hot cells.

While curing, Stripcoat mechanically and chemically entraps contamination. After curing, the coating strips off, along with loose surface contamination. Proven effective, Stripcoat has achieved decontamination factors of several hundred (with 200 representing the removal of 99.5 percent of radioactive surface contaminants).

Stripcoat is easily applied with industrial airless sprayer, paint roller or brush, and one gallon covers up to 50 square feet. It quickly dries in 4–12 hours, with low waste volumes, and is water-soluble for easy clean-up and approved for disposal at low-level radioactive waste facilities or by incineration.

Waterproofing Solutions

High Performance Structural Epoxies

BHI utilizes unique and extremely efficient processes of applying several epoxy-based resin systems. Our process increases application rates while maintaining the proven superior performance of our epoxy products.  S-301 is an epoxy-based product that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It contains no solvent or volatile organic compounds and offers superior surface bonding to wet material such as metal, concrete and soil. S-301 sets hard and can be infused with metals such as tungsten or iron.

Epoxies for Flex and Movement

This epoxy based product is a two part, 100% solids, room temperature curing, flexible hybrid epoxy system with enhanced flexibility for applications that require high performance within a wide temperature range.  Ultraflex has low viscosity and high flexibility, while Duraflex has medium viscosity and medium flexibility.

Both offer superior surface bonding to dry and wet material and set pliable when cured, with a Shore D Hardness of 55.


  • Concrete Stabilization
  • Contamination Encapsulation
  • Water Proofing and Water Intrusion
  • Protect Equipment

Thermal Spray Coatings for Superior Bonding

BHI uses electric arc wire thermal spray with the advantages of having the highest deposition rates on almost any substrate with no risk of metallurgical degradation of the surface, faster turn times and superior corrosion protection and bonding.  Thermal Spray coatings last much longer, offering significantly decreased maintenance expense and downtime in operating temperatures up to 1000°F.

Applications include piping, cyclical services, tanks, vessels, flare stacks, silencers, chemical reactors, heat exchangers, corrosion under insulation, and most areas where anti-slip, anti-skid and anti-corrosion are beneficial.

Carbon Fiber Technology offers Strength & Flexibility

Non-metallic repairs with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Technology are an approved, engineered solution in the nuclear and oil & gas industries.  The technology provides excellent fatigue resistance while being strong and light, easily conforming to any shape or size.  120 mils of CFRP has the same flexural strength as 1/4 inch of steel, but does not corrode like metallic substrates.  Application is quicker, easier and more cost effective than a replacement, with extended service lifetimes.

Applications include internal and external reinforcement of tanks and pipes to prevent corrosion, abrasion, cracking and leaks.