Oil & Gas Market

BHI Energy is a uniquely qualified service provider with a national footprint, broad technical expertise, craft resources, and a well-established Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) program.   For the Oil & Gas sector, BHI has the technical expertise and critical resources to execute upstream, midstream and downstream projects on schedule and on budget.  In the Industrial market, our services have been designed to support the plant systems most in need of critical maintenance or modifications.  We ensure planning and execution will be coordinated to optimize efficiency and reduce downtime.

Since 2010, BHI Energy’s industrial welding division has successfully completed major projects for a majority of the refining companies in the U.S. and numerous other industrial facilities such as coal-fired power plants and paper and pulp mills.  Our full-time project management and field supervision team has an average of 20 years of experience in the industry and has personally managed a large preponderance of the specialty welding projects completed.


Specialty Services

BHI provides specialty welding and machining services in support of emergent and scheduled projects.  We deliver first-time quality at the highest productivity to meet our customers’ schedule and budget requirements, performing complex projects with a robust infrastructure. This includes a well-developed project management system, a highly experienced field operations team, and the best craft within the industry. We can provide turnkey services and prime contracting of multiple vendors, and we offer a vast arsenal of specialty welding and machining equipment supported by engineering – all backed by industry-leading quality assurance and welding programs.

Rigorous Quality & Welding Programs
BHI’s QA Program meets 10CFR50 Appendix B/NQA1 and ASME Codes with “S,” “U” and “R” Stamps.  Our Welding Program meets ASME Section IX and AWS Codes with hundreds of welding procedures and nearly 1,000 welder qualifications.


  • Automatic & Semi-Automatic Weld Overlay
  • Orbital Welding  (heavy wall & alloy solutions)
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
  • Vessel & Piping Modification/Replacement
  • Heavy Wall Vessel Section Replacement
  • Vessel Overlay
  • Pipe ID Overlay / Build-Up
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrades/Change-Outs
  • Large Bore Pipe Cladding
  • Large component repair & replacement
  • Engineered solutions to complex mechanical challenges
  • General supplemental welding & machining support
  • Shop fabrication services

Oil & Gas

  • Crude oil distillation
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Catalytic reforming
  • Catalytic cracking
  • Alkylation & isomerization
  • Hydrotreating
  • Product blending
  • Coke drum operations

Industrial and Pulp & Paper

  • Boiler tube butt welding
  • Alloy repair & welding
  • Coke drum repair
  • Furnace tube welding

Staffing Solutions

BHI Energy provides professional and technical talent for all stages of operations.  From engineers, designers and other technical experts to machinists, technicians and field personnel, our clients have recognized us as their single source of expert candidates.  For more information click here.

Instrumentation & Controls

I&C-E performs all aspects of corrective, planned and modification maintenance.  For more information click here.

Valve Services

Valve Services performs preventative and predictive maintenance services and diagnostic testing on valves and motors of all manufacturer types. For more information click here.