BHI Hydroelectric Services

Hydro Turbine & Equipment Maintenance

BHI Energy provides maintenance, modification and repair services to major hydroelectric power facilities.  Our proven performance on turbine/generator upgrades and balance of plant services is utilized on specialty or OEM hydro equipment.  BHI provides turnkey equipment installations, outage support and preventative maintenance services, and has the ability to quickly respond to emergent repairs.  We leverage a unique management approach, process improvement programs and first-time quality to ensure delivery of cost-effective solutions resulting in improved plant performance and profitability to ensure our customers’ hydro projects are completed safely, on schedule and on budget.

Project Management Approach
BHI Energy’s hydro management team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality turbine generator services available.  With a strong team of experienced, trained turbine supervisors and highly skilled mechanics, BHI supports a full range of generator and auxiliary equipment projects.

Training & Qualification Program
BHI’s training and qualification program provides tangible benefits to both our employees and customers.   Through our “Center of Excellence” training center we provide Leadership Academy & Supervisor Certification performed by SMEs and executive management and curriculum is approved by the BHI Energy Training Advisory Committee.  Training also includes on-the-job training (OJT), designed to augment existing skill sets.

Operational Excellence
BHI Energy has proven Fleet Operational Excellence through a first time quality approach to our work, eliminating rework and improving equipment performance.  Members of BHI Management have held leadership positions in operations, maintenance and outage management across the electric generation industry supporting nuclear, oil, fossil and renewables.  BHI is committed to partnering with our customers to align priorities while maintaining environmental stewardship, operational leadership and financial accountability.

Our Experience

With nearly twenty years of extensive hydro project experience, BHI is the vendor of choice for hydro facilities nationwide.  BHI has worked at more than 50 hydro plants across the country with over 1,000,000 man hours worked safely.  We utilize more than 100 qualified mechanics and support craft and are readily available to support across the U.S. and Canada.


  • Supplemental Craft, Supervision & Technical Labor
  • Turbine/Generator Maintenance
  • Turbine Auxiliary Equipment Install
  • Unit Inspection & Maintenance
  • Emergent Rehabilitation & Repairs
  • Scheduled Outage Support & Upgrades
  • OEM Support for Unit Rehab & Upgrades
  • Turbine/Generator & Auxiliary Support
  • Modification, Inspection & Repair
  • Onsite O&M Services
  • Balance of Plant Maintenance
  • Project Management