Renewable Energy

hydroBHI Energy is committed to providing our alternative and renewable energy clients with integrated services ranging from technical support to full turnkey maintenance.  As an independent service provider, BHI Energy offers cost effective wind power and hydroelectric services to clients across North America, with a goal of maximizing the rate of return on their operating assets.

Our Experience

Power Services

Over the past ten years BHI Energy has established itself as a leading independent service provider of turbine maintenance to wind farms across North America.  In this capacity, BHI has supported original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), wind developers and independent power producers.  In addition, we have extensive hydro project experience spanning more than 18 years.  Our technical directors, along with our highly experienced field resources have supported various turbine/generator upgrades and balance of plant services for both utilities and OEMs across North America.

Staffing Solutions

BHI has extensive experience providing highly skilled personnel to support technical wind, solar and hydro energy initiatives.

Renewable Energy Services

Power Services


  • Installation, commissioning & construction
  • Preventative, scheduled & emergent maintenance
  • Onsite 24/7 O&M services
  • Repair & overhaul
  • Warranty support
  • Project management
  • Craft & technical labor augmentation
  • Asset management
  • Professional & administrative services
  • Uptower generator & rotor swaps
  • Collector system maintenance & repair
  • Substation maintenance & repair


  • Supplemental craft, supervision & technical labor
  • Turbine/generator maintenance
  • Turbine auxiliary equipment install
  • Unit inspection & maintenance
  • Emergent rehabilitation & repairs
  • Scheduled upgrades
  • Outage support

Staffing Solutions

Staff Augmentation

Wind & Hydro Talent

  • Installation & commissioning
  • Site administration & EHS
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Inspection & quality
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Sub-component repair & replacement

Solar Talent

  • Research & development
  • Site management
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Project scheduling
  • EHS management
  • Quality control
  • Administrative
  • Controls & procedures
  • Technical support

Direct Placement