Showcase Projects

BHI Energy selects choice projects or jobs that reflect the safe work and quality services we perform at field locations.  We share the positive and impactful results our project approach has for our customers.

  • Susquehanna Unit 2 Showcase Project

    TALEN Energy

    Feedwater Heater Replacement

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  • CPV St. Charles

    SNC Lavalin

    Combined Cycle Station

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  • Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant

    Xcel Energy

    RHR Swing Check Valve Seat Replacement

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  • BHI Energy

    Southeast Nuclear Power Station

    MSR Dump Drain Valve Project & Emergent Condenser Welding Scopes

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  • SSES – Unit 1

    Talen Energy

    ICMH Weld Overlay Project

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  • South Texas Project - Units I & II


    Installation of Leading Edge Flow Meters Replacement of Feedwater Heat Exchangers

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  • Prairie Island Showcase Project

    Xcel Energy

    O&M Maintenance Modification and Capital Project Work

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