Radiation-Tolerant Cameras


RADCAM The Radiation-Tolerant Camera (RADCAM) is designed for use in high temperature and high radiation areas of nuclear power plants. This camera is widely deployed in Sweden and other European plants. It is now offered in the United States through BHI Energy.

RADCAM incorporates full PTZ functionality in a patented radiation shielded enclosure. It integrates with analog or digital video systems.

Return on Investment

RADCAM users realize 100% ROI in less than 1 year.

EDF, Forsmark, OKG & Ringhals state that having the RADCAM in containment during plant operation adds 24 hours of online time per reactor per year. This means a full return on investment (ROI) for the RADCAM in less than one year.

Applications for the camera include:

  • Continuous viewing inside containment
  • Identifying leaks
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Assisting Operations in decision making

Unique Radiation Tolerance

RADCAM’s radiation tolerance gives long service life in combination with high quality images and very low pixel damage.

The RADCAM has a neutron absorbing outer body. It provides internal gamma protection for camera and control modules.  The patented protected position places the camera in maximum-shielded position when not being used to view.

RADCAM integration

Integration of RADCAM with existing video systems—analog or IP—is easy and uncomplicated. The camera is compatible with Milestone, OnSSI & Omnicast video management software (VMS) packages.

In most cases, existing cables and connectors including coax cable, fiber, or instrument cable may be used to connect the RADCAM to your existing video.

If you do not have a video system, BHI Energy will design one to meet your specific needs.

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