Weld Overlay During a Pandemic

At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, BHI responded to an emergency call from a Canadian General Contractor to provide structural weld overlay services in support of a refining customer which experienced a forced shutdown due to the through-wall cracking of two coke drums.  BHI quickly mobilized a crew, resources and completed the required 2 weeks of welder training when the customer had to postpone the project amid growing concerns of employee infection due to the pandemic.  The BHI crew returned to the U.S. and quarantined for 14 days.

After 6 weeks, the customer restarted the project and the BHI team returned to Canada, implementing a “Journey Management and Quarantine Plan” reviewed and approved by refinery management and our BHI immigration attorneys, and again quarantining for 14 days before starting work.  At the job site, since our employees were wearing respirators, work inside the drums proceeded as normal, but office space and change areas were reconfigured so that social distancing could be maintained. The project was completed in four weeks and our client was impressed with the performance of our crews on and off the job site.  Thorough planning and execution were crucial to complete this project on time and budget, and BHI proved again that we can mobilize anywhere in the world, on short notice, under very difficult circumstances. The discipline required to execute this project was clearly an example of BHI’s “Gold Standard” of performance.

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