MSR Dump Drain Valve Project & Emergent Condenser Welding

BHI Energy was contracted to perform both planned MSR Dump Drain Valve and emergent Condenser Welding work at a southeastern U.S. nuclear power station.   Planned scope included installation of four new MSR high level control valves and related piping.  New valves were installed on the floor of the condenser bay, in addition to approximately 1,000 feet of piping.  Emergent scope included the immediate repair of 8-10 supports and replacement of all cross members.  BHI secured skilled and experienced craft labor and supervision, while completing the project ahead of schedule, within budget and without human performance or safety issues.  A member of our customer’s Executive Management provided feedback that, “the BHI team responded to the emergent scope with very high productivity and quality.” Contact us to learn more.