BHI Energy provides opportunities at nuclear, government, fossil, hydroelectric and wind power facilities worldwide.

About BHI Energy

Founded in 1979 as Bartlett Nuclear, Inc., BHI Energy has developed into a leading provider of specialty maintenance, technical and professional, and radiation protection services to power and government facilities worldwide. We offer vast career opportunities across several markets at over 150 project locations.

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BHI Energy Companies

BHI Energy is comprised of six companies providing project and staffing solutions across multiple power, industrial and government facilities.

BHI Energy Canada, Inc.| radiation protection, professional & technical staff augmentation and specialty maintenance services to Canada's power generation industry

AMES | Valve, instrumentation & control and electrical maintenance services to the nuclear power industry
Bartlett Nuclear | Managed professional, technical and facilities maintenance staffing and solutions to nuclear and fossil power facilities

Bartlett Services | Managed professional and technical project staffing and solutions to government facilities

PEM | Turbine maintenance and inspection services to nuclear, fossil, hydro & wind power facilities

Sun Technical Services | Professional & technical project management and staffing support to nuclear, fossil & other power facilities

WeldTech Services | Specialty welding services and project management to nuclear, fossil & industrial facilities

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