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December 2021
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Employee Spotlight: Alexis Huynh

Salesforce Coordinator

Describe your main responsibilities and what a typical workday looks like for you.

As Salesforce Coordinator & Support, I have overall responsibility for Salesforce from an administrative, training support and oversight perspective. I provide feedback, training and support for the Account/Contract Owners, Opportunity Owners, Business Unit Leads and Executives to ensure expectations of the system are being met. Salesforce is BHI’s single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, streamlining accounts, contracts and opportunities. The current instance was designed and developed to map BHI’s sales process and represent it in the one “system of record,” focused on achieving alignment across the Company. There are currently 60 Salesforce users within BHI.

Why did you join BHI?

I joined BHI for growth opportunities and to further obtain experience in the Salesforce platform.

What do you like most about working with BHI?

My manager has been an amazing mentor and is excellent at keeping communications open and current.

Tell us about a major accomplishment working as a part of the BHI team.

Transition into the Salesforce Coordinator role itself has been an accomplishment and gone smoothly due to my prior experience. I have recently assisted with setting up all company dashboards as well as supporting the implementation of a new customer engagement process. I’m looking forward to enhancing the Salesforce experience here!

What is something that makes you proud to work for BHI?

It’s a rapidly growing and progressive company.

What guidance would you give a new team member when they start working for BHI?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Everyone has been very cordial and receptive.

Jose Hernandez Director of Transmission Engineering

“I joined BHI because I wanted to be part of a team with a vision like mine – part of a company who puts the customer first and does not compromise on service, quality or safety.”

Yvonne Sebile Director of Project Management-T&D East

“Corporate culture has always been important to me. Energy, passion and commitment to excellence flows down from the Executive level and is aligned with what drives me personally and professionally.”

Alexis Huynh Salesforce Coordinator

“I’m proud to work for BHI because it’s a rapidly growing and progressive company. I also like working with a manager who is an excellent mentor and communicator.”