With BHI since
November 2021
Dallas, TX
Business Unit
Transmission & Distribution
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Employee Spotlight: Yvonne Sebile

Director of Project Management-T&D East

Describe your main responsibilities and what a typical workday looks like for you.

As the Director of Project Management for Transmission & Distribution with the Eastern U.S. Region, each day is different, non-stop and unpredictable…which I enjoy. I spend most of my day interacting with site operations/support, corporate departments and executives. I work with a team who is hands-on and invested in our success.

Why did you join BHI?

After spending 20 years with a global EPCM firm, corporate culture has always been particularly important to me. During my initial interview with executives, I knew BHI was the company for me. Their energy, passion and commitment to excellence was evident and aligned with what drives me personally and professionally. From day one, my expectations have been met and I look forward to building a great future together.

What do you like most about working with BHI?

Open, honest and respectful collaboration between the executive, operations, projects and finance teams. We work together closely to improve processes, execute projects safely and create value for our customers.

Tell us about a major accomplishment working as a part of the BHI team.

Since joining the team in November, we’re already seeing improved project execution. With the support and commitment of executive and operations teams, we’ve developed processes, conducted a T&D-wide Project Summit and implemented the project management and controls across all T&D businesses.

What is something that makes you proud to work for BHI?

I’m proud of BHI’s focus on safety and commitment to becoming ‘Best in Industry.’

How has the company changed from when you first started and now?

The biggest change I’ve seen is how the entire T&D group embraces our new Project Management organization. We collaborate and share the same goals.

What guidance would you give a new team member when they start working for BHI?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or propose ways to improve processes or tasks. We’re growing and there is commitment to improvement – working smarter, not harder.

Jose Hernandez Director of Transmission Engineering

“I joined BHI because I wanted to be part of a team with a vision like mine – part of a company who puts the customer first and does not compromise on service, quality or safety.”

Yvonne Sebile Director of Project Management-T&D East

“Corporate culture has always been important to me. Energy, passion and commitment to excellence flows down from the Executive level and is aligned with what drives me personally and professionally.”

Alexis Huynh Salesforce Coordinator

“I’m proud to work for BHI because it’s a rapidly growing and progressive company. I also like working with a manager who is an excellent mentor and communicator.”