Comprehensive T&D Services

BHI has the ability and experience to support your T&D service needs for new or existing power substations, transmission and distribution systems and horizontal directional drilling and pipeline services.  Our team of highly trained professionals provide expertise from the point of generation through the point of consumption in residences and businesses.   From engineering and construction to maintenance, live-line work and storm response, BHI brings you a background of 40 years experience in construction and engineered solutions.

We offer a suite of cutting-edge design engineering services for all types of transmission, substation, distribution and grid hardening projects.  Our team of engineers, planners and project managers are integrated with our construction personnel throughout the project life cycle to ensure a seamless construction process.  The BHI engineering team excels in creating flexible solutions that improve productivity, optimize project delivery times and increase quality and safety – allowing you to focus on your core business.



Our T&D group is capable of constructing and maintaining existing transmission lines up to 500kV; and medium and high voltage distribution systems up to 69kV for utilities, cooperatives and municipalities.  We also engineer and install electrical, communications, water and sewer lines, managing complex horizontal directional drilling in terrestrial and sub-aqueous environments.  We are uniquely qualified to perform bare-hand line work and offer additional value-added services in the areas of drone assessment, ground penetrating radar, field survey and inspection services.

When disasters happen, BHI storm response experts respond quickly with more than 200 assessors supported by a team of technical engineers and drone capabilities to assess and prioritize damage. We work to restore power to those who need it with a national workforce of both union and non-union resources and a large fleet of equipment ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how BHI Energy can partner with you.