T&D Storm Hardening

BHI Energy was contracted to support the Storm Hardening Project for a large U.S. power utility by performing field engineering, distribution engineering and computer-based analysis and design functions to strengthen and enhance (i.e., harden) the electrical grid via its feeder system with supporting poles, conductors and equipment.  Initial work included review, verification and cross-checking of the utility GIS system and feeder mapping data.

Working closely with the client, BHI established “lessons learned”, an enhanced software training program and a project plan which greatly reduced rework.  Through accurate field assessment and engineering knowledge, the BHI team was able to update the client’s GIS system with accurate data, and designed the utility grid using precise hardening standards.  Over the course of this project, BHI expected to evaluate, upgrade and/or replace over 1 million total poles within the client’s service territories, as well as millions more pieces of equipment that reside on the poles.

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