ST-GT Turbine Services

Steam & Gas Turbine Maintenance

BHI performs turbine and rotating equipment maintenance in support of a wide range of projects including outages, major component repair or replacement and balance of plant system maintenance.  We leverage a unique management approach incorporating process improvement and first-time quality programs to ensure delivery of safe, error-free, cost-effective solutions resulting in improved plant performance and profitability for our customers.

Project Management Approach
BHI Energy’s management team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality turbine services available.  Our management team utilizes a hand-on approach providing critical oversight and direction for our projects.  We utilize a robust project management process that provides the highest quality workmanship while ensuring critical schedule adherence and financial certainty.  From small to large-scale projects, we create value-added solutions through our unique management approach and partnership with customers.

Training and Qualification Program
BHI’s training and qualification program provides tangible benefits to both our employees and customers.  Through our “Center of Excellence” training center we provide Technical and Leadership training and qualifications utilizing Subject Matter Experts and Executive Management.  Our curriculum is approved by our Training Advisory Committee.  Training also includes on-the-job training (OJT), designed to augment existing skill sets.

Process Improvement
BHI provides an integrated planning and project management system to safely execute projects on schedule and on budget.  Our process improvement is focused on partnering with our customers to deliver cost-effective maintenance services by utilizing Lessons Learned from our Corrective Action Program (CAP) and Human Performance (HuP) programs.

Operational Excellence
BHI has proven Fleet Operational Excellence through a first time quality approach to our work, eliminating rework and improving equipment performance.  BHI Management has held leadership positions in operations, maintenance and outage management across the electric generation industry supporting Nuclear, Oil, Fossil and Renewables.  We are committed to partnering with our customers’ priorities while maintaining environmental stewardship, operational leadership and financial accountability.

Our Experience

Since 1996, BHI Energy’s turbine division has provided services to utilities and independent power producers in support of large power generating projects.  BHI Energy turbine division has delivered turbine and rotating equipment services to over 75 U.S.-based facilities.


Turbine/Generator Maintenance

  • Steam turbine maintenance, inspection & repair
  • Combustion turbine inspection & repair
  • Aero-derivative audits & exchanges
  • Generator disassembly, inspection & repair
  • Turbine centerline
  • Mobile machining, tooling & equipment

Balance of Plant Systems & Rotating Equipment Maintenance

  • Turbine-driven feed water pumps
  • Piping & structural repair, installation & modification
  • Pup & motor repair, installation & modification
  • Rotating equipment diagnostics, repair & upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Sub-station maintenance

Contract Maintenance & Labor Augmentation

  • Project management (turnkey & task-managed)
  • Craft labor & supervision
  • Mechanical, civil & electrical
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Outage & emergency support
  • Insulation & abatement