Civil Engineering & Construction

TechCom International (TCI) has the experience and technical capabilities to support your next public works project.  Encompassing engineering, project management and program management needs, TCI ‘s expertise delivers on-time and on-budget results, specializing in heavy civil construction for water/wastewater pipelines, off-shore/on-shore/underwater capabilities, roadwork, earthwork, dams and concrete structures.

Our team excels in creating flexible solutions that improve productivity, optimize project delivery times and increase quality and safety.  We have proven operational excellence through a first-time quality approach to our work, eliminating rework and improving equipment performance.  We have always maintained a commitment to partnering with our customers to align priorities while maintaining environmental stewardship, operational leadership and financial accountability.

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Our Experience

Our 30+ years of experience specializing in heavy civil construction gives us depth of experience in all facets of public works projects, combined with an exceptional safety record.

TCI creates value with high quality performance recognized by the Department of Transportation and numerous municipalities, and has been recognized with an award in historic preservation design as well as recognition by the State of California’s DOT, and the Wastewater Divisions of the City of Los Angeles, San Diego and Rialto for quality, leadership and time to completion.

Our technical abilities have proven successful in various complex projects including valve and water pipeline alignments, large diameter underground pipeline, offshore pipe repair, demolitions, offshore treatment plant outfall work, cooling water system chiller upgrades, and dam low flow outlet and structural repairs.

As one satisfied municipality stated: “I would recommend TechCom for similar work and frankly believe TechCom can efficiently and successfully complete any project awarded to them.”

Our Capabilities

  • Water & wastewater pipelines
  • Valve & water pipeline alignments
  • Large diameter underground pipelines
  • Offshore pipe repair
  • Offshore treatment plan outfall work
  • Cooling water system chiller upgrades
  • Dam low flow outlet, structural and gate repairs
  • Roadwork, earthwork, demolitions
  • Concrete structural repairs


On-Time & On Budget

High Quality & Attention to Detail

Leadership & Project Management Skills